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As your dentist, we are dedicated to helping your smile last a lifetime. To make this possible, we use leading-edge dentistry and the latest materials. But we also use something more — personal, one-on-one care. That means really listening to you, explaining everything about your care, and making sure you get dental care that is just right for your needs.

Our Panel of Doctors include :

Dr. Raj Kamal Grewal

Masters in Immediate Loading Dental Implantology From

International Implant Foundation- Germany


Implant Training (Germany)

Professional advisor to strauman simpladent, equinox.

Dr. Mrs. Shweta Grewal

B.D.S., F.I.C.D.R(U.K)D.O.
Dental Surgeon & facial Orthopedic
Specialist in Correcting Malaligned Teeth

Dr. Dass

M.D.S. (Maxillofacial Surgeon)

Dr. Sumit

M.D.S. (Maxillofacial Surgeon)

Dr. Vinod

M.D.S. (Orthodontist) P.G.I

Dr. Rohit

M.D.S. (Endodontist)
Spl. in R.C.T

Dr. Mahi Jeet Singh Puri

M.D.S. (Periodontist)

Dr. Preeti

M.D.S. (Pedodontist) Spl. in Child Dental Health

Dr. Abhinav

M.D.S. (Orthodontist)
Spl. in Correctiing malaligned Teeth

Dr. Nitin Ahuja


Dental Implant Courses

Patient interest in tooth implants is increasing all the time. One way or another, every dentist needs to be able to offer the treatment, as part of a comprehensive package of care.

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