Multiple Implant

If you are missing several teeth, implant supported bridges can replace them.

Advantages of implant supported bridges

Dental implant provides several advantages over other teeth replacement options. Implant supported bridges replace teeth without support from adjacent natural teeth. It looks and function like natural teeth. Other treatment requires the support from adjacent natural tooth.

In fixed bridge or removable partial denture the bone begins to resorb with time. Dental implant integrates with the bone and help to keep the bone healthy and intact. In long term implants are more esthetic ,functional and comfortable.

After placing implants when they integrates with bone finally bridge will be placed by the dentist with implants support. After short time patient will feel confidence in smile and able to chew and speak.

Treatment steps

Examination: X-rays taken to check the bone level and impression taken.
Placing Implant: Surgically implant are placed in bone.
Abutment attached: After two or three months when implant integrates with bone abutment is attachment to implant.
Impression for Bridge: Impression is taken and bridge is made. Proper shade taken to make it feel like natural tooth.
Bridge is Attached: when teeth are ready it is attached to dental implant followed by few follow ups.

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