Oral & maxillofacial Surgery is a surgery to treat many diseases, injuries and defects in head, neck , face , jaws and hard & soft tissues of mouth jaws and face region.


1. Removal of wisdom Tooth ( Impaction)

2. Jaw Surgery : Orthogenetic surgery is required when alignment of teeth and jaws is not proper. This improves facial appearance and also the functioning of teeth and jaw.

3. Facial Trauma : There are number of causes of trauma like accidents, sports injury, violence and work related injuries.
Its includes

Facial lacerations
Intraoral laceration
Avulsed Tooth
Fracture facial bones
Fractured jaws ( upper & Lower)

4. Preprosthetic Surgery
Its includes

Bone smoothening & reshaping
Removal of excess bone.
Bone ridge reduction.
Removal of excess gum tissue.
Exposure of impacted teeth.

5. Oral pathology : Any Alteration in the natural appearance of mucosa is a warming sign. It may be a beginning of pathological process or cancerous growth.

6. TMJ Disorder :Disorder related with our complex jaw joint. Some type of TMJ problems can lead to serious conditions. Early detection and treatment is important.

7. Cleft lip & Palate
Major goal of the surgery

Close the gap between the roof of mouth & the nose.
Reconnect the muscles that make the palate work.
Make the repaired palate enough to make it perform its functions.

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